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Shirley Bluttaumueller

Local Author, Speaker, Book Signing

Shirley Bluttaumueller writes a true story of three generations

of Sandhill cranes as they raise their youngsters in the yard.

For twenty years, she observed their mating dances, the tender

nurturing and protection they gave their chicks, and the life-long

love they shared with their mates. In happy times the Sandhill

cranes return after nesting to proudly show off their new chicks.

In sad times they return from senseless tragedies to mourn their


You will read how Peep Peep battled Red, his own father, for his territory; only to later face the greatest loss of his life. See how,

Baby, Peep Peep's sister, captured the heartstrings of everyone she met with her kisses and friendship.
Share with the cranes the triumph of redemption and
parental love as they show us all what creates a family.

To Purchase Contact Shirley Bluttaumueller e-mail Price $15.00 US.

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