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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exciting Writers Festival planned

Exciting Writers Festival planned
This year’s Writers Festival takes place on Friday, March
23 at Venice Centre Mall Community Room, 238 Tampa Ave.
The festival begins at 2 p.m. when a panel discusses
“Today’s Youth Market.” Speakers are published authors of childrens
literature, Kim Cool, Clarissa Thomasson and Stacy
At 3:30 p.m., the subject shifts to writing and publishing
fiction for adults. Panelists Richard Wickliffe, Diane Sawyer,
Susan Klaus and Don Bruns present “From Inspiration to Publication.”
At 5 p.m., best-selling thriller writer David Hagberg returns
with his third master class, this year focusing on developing real
characters that readers believe in. He will go over how to plot
modern commercial fiction while staying out of trouble and discuss
the problem of time in the novel -- how to dilate and contract
it. The class is designed so participants need not have attended
Panelist authors will be available to sign their books after
each presentation.
The event culminates in a wine and cheese reception at
6:30 p.m.
The cost of the event is $20 per person.
Space is limited and reservations will be honored in the
order they are received.
Reservations may be made online using Paypal at or by sending a check for
$20, payable to Venice Heritage Inc and sending it to P.O. Box
1190, Venice, Florida 34284-1190.




Debut Issue May 2018.


Theresa Owens, Editor/Publisher

Submission Guidelines

MOTHERING WITH IMAGINATION Magazine for mothers/parents of all ages.

Advice, How-to for New Moms - MOTHERING WITH IMAGINATION is seeking advice pieces, and creative ideas from other mothers who have been there, done that, etc. We need essays of interest to mothers ranging from 1,000 – 3,500 words. Topics may include shopping, eating, food kids like, schooling, discipline - and more. We are looking for literary pieces that focus on raising children creatively. We need humor stories, heart warming and touching pieces about loosing a child or raising a handicapped child.

Be creative and surprise us with something funny, something sad, something delicious or with advice that lingers with us for years to come.

Book Reviews Needed - Books of interest to mothers/parents - up to 1000 words.

Poetry - of interest to mothers. No more than 35 lines per poem. Submit 2 poems at a time.

Fiction Column - We publish one fiction story per month - again, of interest to mothers and parents. 1000-2000 Words.

This is not a paying market but there will be contests with cash prizes every year.



Debut Issue May 2018.

Theresa Owens, Editor/Publisher


Subscription $25 per year (6 issues) USA
Canada/Overseas $40 per year (6 issues)

Subscription Form





A Wonderful Poem - Thanks Pat Reynolds

Who Am I ?
Who am I? Who am I to want you? To want you to be my Friend.
Who am I to take your hand and lead you along the sand .
To hear the ocean’s voice speak softly to the gulls,
To treasure the touch of sea shells under my bare feet,
To take your hand and let it go. Who am I?
I am hiding in the moonlight sheltered by the shadows of the dark;
Waiting in the moonlight for the call of dawn,
to share the dreams of midnight as the sun lifts clouds of mystery , and yawns.
Who am I? The lilt of muffled laughter heard on park wind across the lake, and
nests of birds and buttercups.
Who am I who calls to you, impatient for the answer that eases the struggle of
my soul and my heart’s longing,
Surprised by sound so loud and sincere.
Who am I? Who am I?
I am the lover who passed you by one day then turned and offered you my
Who lured you to my dark side - and promised to stay.
I am the one who loves you
and regards your friendship above all other loves I have known.
I am the one who knows you as the stars know the moon.
I am she who loves you but must leave you too soon.
Remember me always, the footsteps in the sand ;
Remember me always, the way I held your hand…
Remember how I loved you. Forever and forever.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Potets and Painters - Englewood Art Center

We have the opportunity to participate in the Poets and Painters Exhibition at the Englewood Art Center.

Painting selection will start on:

Saturday March 11th at 1:30 PM for sign up to a painting (there will be a sign up sheet). The poem is due back to the Englewood Art Center no later then Friday March 17th.

A poem will be selected by the Art Center for a ribbon presented at the reception.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

From Tammie

Noteworthy from OWOW

               January 2017  

FYI:  Almost all book fairs, festivals and conventions are booked a year ahead. Most writing contests that say 2017 will actually announce winners in spring of 2017.

    Most contests are money making projects for the sponsoring organization.

There are entry fees. Still if you want to have your writing evaluated by a panel, you might want to enter. BEWARE and do your homework first. Most of the judges are fellow writers just like we are. They self publish in literary magazines or Createspace but want you to believe they have an inside track to getting you a big name authors’ contract. If it sounds too good, it probably is.

    It is almost impossible to get space in a big name draw like the one below, but it is possible. The problem you will find, once you are IN,  is that the festival does  have big name authors such as Janet Evanovich  or James Patterson.... but guess who all the people come to meet...and guess where your table will be in relationship to theirs.

Duh, you are bright so you know where you stand.

South West Florida Reading Festival

Harborside Event Center & Centennial Park, Fort Myers, Florida

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

More Info:


There really is something for all ages to experience at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival. Everyone enjoys the multiple stages with the celebrity authors who share ‘inside scoop’ about their latest books or what makes a story idea click for them. You will be able to buy books and have the authors personalize and sign them too! You’ll find our numerous book and educational vendors offering the latest in services and new ideas. Learn more about South West Florida Reading Festival on (65)

 You may simply want to share what your are working on and what your plans are.

  This is our own venue to share our thoughts, slumps, and rise to victory as we

write together.

   We want to take this time to welcome you to OWOW and wish you a happy new year with much fun and writing success.

Tammie Diehl

Sharon Graham

From FWA Nokomis

Have an inspiring story just begging to be told? If so, jump on the bandwagoning and enter it in Tales2Inspire®, a well respected contest, but much, much more. FREE to enter. Then Tales2Inspire works hard to promote its winners. So if you want help in building your author platform, this is a great opportunity.  Deadline Date: March 1, 2017.  What should you write about? A picture is worth 1000 words, so get a FREE e-book sampler of winning stories from previous years at: Then scroll down the page for submission details, guidelines and “What’s In It For You” rewards.

Book Selling Opportunity-Thanks Linda

I want to pass on some marketing information to your group in the hope it will help someone.
Recently I have been attending the North Port Farmers Market.  Jerry Presseller, the manager of the market will allow authors to set up a table for only $25.00.  The stipulations for that wonderful $25.00 price:  Four foot space and no tent.  The author can bring two chairs.  The author supplies his own table
I have attended twice, and I love the market, because the location is shady. if you want to use a tent, you'll be on the grass under the trees. There are picnic benches and entertainment for the consumers. 
Location:  In front of North Port City Hall from 9:00 to 2:00 on Fridays until April. 
Contact Jerry Presseller at 941-391-4856
You must contact Jerry before showing up.  There's paperwork to sign.
Linda Lee Schell
Come Along With Me, The Palace Buzz, The Plot Thickens
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