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Monday, April 21, 2014

Call for Community Support for Writers

There are many among the 228 members of this group who enjoy volunteering to read, in both schools, retirement homes, and to other groups.
Conversely there are many schools and retirement homes that would love to have people come and read to the children and the old folks.
Charlotte Harbor Writers would like to make it easier for the two groups to communicate with each other. We propose to start a register of those amongst us are willing to share their passion for reading and writing. We have established a contact in the Charlotte County public school system that is willing and eager to share such a register with the teachers and librarians concerned with arranging this type of program.

If you are willing to be one of these volunteers then I would appreciate it if you would send me the following information.

Your name? - Your e-mail address? - Your telephone number? - Which geographic area you would be willing to volunteer to read in? - Are there any times of the year when you're not available?

If you would like to volunteer to read to schoolchildren, will you read to all children or just certain grades?  Will you read your own books or do you prefer to read the books chosen by the teachers?

Are you willing to read to other organized groups such as Condominium Associations, Retirement Homes, and Book Clubs etc.? The organizers of these groups would probably be interested in the type of books you intend to read simply to make sure they would be interesting to the members of their group, so please add that information.
Given the opportunity would you like to sell your books?

When the register has details of sufficient volunteer authors/readers, it will be distributed to Charlotte County public school system, and I'm sure the Sun Herald newspaper would be delighted to pass the information on to the community at large.

This project is being carried out by the members of Charlotte Harbor Writers Yahoo List with help and guidance from the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County.

Please send the information to and I look forward to adding your name to the list.
Paul Holmes