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Tuesday, December 17, 2013



   will be held Sat. February 15, 2014 in Pioneer Park
        10 to 3

As an author, if you wish to participate, it is time to reserve a space by sending us a check for $25, along with the signed release and table request forms which are below. 

      Please make your check to: 


           Send check, release and table  request to:



A space may be shared by more than one author but each selling author is expected to pay the full entry fee of $25.

We ask the authors to furnish their own tables/chairs. There will be a bake sale table, Cafe Serenity will have a coffee tent, there will be Portie-Potties in the Park and we will have music, “Sax-On-the-Beach” for three hours. Leashed pets are welcome as long as they are picked up after.

Pioneer Park is located in the 300 block of W. Dearborn Street in Englewood between the Mango Bistro and the Amherst Depot Train Shop. You will see a sign saying Book Festival in front of the Park but please circle the block and enter the Park from the rear on GREEN STREET  where you will find ample parking.

There will be volunteers to direct you. You will look for a sign-in table to get your assigned space. Authors may register beginning at 9 A.M. 

We will have a large sign across State Road #776 advertising the festival several day in advance. We will be passing out flyers around town. We have already gotten some good PR and will be getting more. You can help us by talking up the festival to all our friends and groups or clubs you might belong to.

Because of insurance requirements cars must be parked in the designated parking area only, not in the park itself, and no liquor or wine is allowed to be consumed in the Park.

Our sponsors this year are Englewood’s two libraries, Elsie Quirk and Englewood Charlotte and our Book Festival committee members are: Lynda Citro, Catherine Davis, Diana Harris, Midge Orren, Dawn Penwell, Jennifer Perry and Phyllis Reading. We are all looking forward to seeing you and with your help having another successful book fest.

Lets hope for  good weather since there is no rain date.

Don’t hesitate to e-mail Diana Harris at

or call (941) 786-8204 if you have any questions.




Author’s name:___________________________________


e-mail address:___________________________________


Date submitted:____________Date received:___________

Please circle one: I will being using a     TENT     or   TABLE


BOOTH NUMBER (for committee use)



By my signature appearing below, and in consideration of the acceptance of my application for entry in the 2014 Dearborn Street Book Festival, I hereby waive, release and discharge any and all claims for injury or damage to my person or property.

I understand that accidents can occur during events, but knowing these risks, never the less, I agree to assume these risks and hold harmless the Dearborn Street Book Festival sponsors and the Festival committee.



Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Great Southeast Book Festival


NEW ORLEANS_The 2014 Great Southeast Book Festival has issued a call for entries for its annual competition honoring the best books of the late winter/spring. The Great Southeast Book Festival will consider published and unpublished works in fiction, non-fiction, biography/autobiography, how-to, compilations/anthologies, photography/art, children’s, cookbooks, poetry, spiritual, young adult, business/technology, unpublished manuscripts, wild card (anything goes!), nature/animals and regional lit. There is no date of publication restriction, but all entries must be in English. Our grand prize for the 2014 Great Southeast Book Festival winner is $1000 cash and a flight to our awards ceremony in March, 2014. Submitted works will be judged by a panel using the following criteria: 1) General excellence and the author's passion for telling a good story.
2) The potential of the work to reach a wider audience. For more information, visit # # # CONTACT:

Attention Writers for Children

Hi to my fellow writers for children.

The December meeting of kid's stuff will be moderated in my absence by Mary Lundeberg.

Kid's stuff is for those interested in writing for children. If you would like the opinions of your fellow children's authors, bring a few copies of your work to share.

The meeting is from 10:00 to 12:00 in room 116, entered from the cafeteria next to the auditorium at Edison college on Airport road, in Punta Gorda.

Mary can be reached at with any questions.

I will be back for the January meeting.

Writers of Mirth Meeting

Hi Writers of Mirth,
Our next CWHW meeting will take place next Wednesday, December 18, at 6 p.m. at the home of Ronnie (aka Mrs. Clause) Walter. In addition to our usual reads, this will also be a pot luck Christmas party. Check with Ronnie as to what you can bring. The main courses have been taken care of, but I believe there is a need for a side vegetable and dessert(s).

If you intend to attend, please RSVP me at

See you there and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good "write." (See what I did there?)

Carl Megill
Event Organizer

Charlotte Harbor Writer's Tea

The Writer's Tea will be held on the 17th December from 1:00 to 3:00pm.

In the Charlotte County library near the cultural center.

Bring something to read, or just come and listen.

Any questions contact: Mary Grace or Arlene at

Florida Writers Association Midwinter Writing Conference

Hi, George. Our Florida Writers Association Midwinter West Writing Conference and Reading Festival is approaching rapidly. The tables are filling up fast but we don't have enough writers signing up for the conference. Could you please send out a notice to all your members that this is a great opportunity and being local they won't have to spend a fortune on a hotel room and meals unless they want to? Ask all your members to pass along the information to any writers they know. This could be really big or it could flop. I would love to have it be a success and available every year.
 I am attaching a flyer for the upcoming Writer's Conference in Bradenton. Could you please send out the flyer with a request for your members to register?
If it goes well it will become an annual event. There will be AAR agents here as well as national speakers presenting information on every thing from writing to editing to self publishing, e-publishing, marketing and more. The conference has information for all levels of writers.
There is also a reading festival downstairs with sixty-six tables filled with books for sale that will be open to the public. Most tables have already been reserved but a few are still available.
We really need writers signing up for the conference to help alleviate the costs of bringing in the AAR agents.
Hope you can help.
Dona Lee
FWA Manatee group leader
editor of Sarasota Fiction Writer's "Plotting Success"
host of Culture Coast on REN
Curator at Village Voices Gallery


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Wish by Dorman Curry

We would all like to thank Dorman for this wonderful Christmas Wish. Being at the party we all had a good time listening to Dorman. Thank you for being a member of Englewood Authors.


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for that dang mouse. Scratch, scratch, scritch, scritch , with a rhythm you could not miss, made you wonder what was amiss. Stockings all hung, Christmas tree trimmed, bright lights shine among ornaments and tinsel and shinning bright star, everything ready for Santa and gifts.

Quiet reflections on what this is all about, celebrating a life which no one can doubt. All of a sudden you hear this sound coming from behind the tree, increasing in volume and speed, you couldn’t repeat. Scratch, scratch, scratch, - scritch, scritch, scritch which at it’s crescendo made goose bumps on your skin like when listening to the screeching sound made when raking your fingernails across a slate chalkboard.

All of a sudden there came a loud, heavy knock on the door, took a moment to get off the floor. Opening the door wide, you would never guess who was there. Big Ed Ellis and the entire group of Englewood Authors singing Christmas carols and spreading cheer and joy to all and even reading a story or two. What an inspiration to receive well wishes and encouragement from a group such as this when it comes from the heart with sincerity. No better Christmas gift could have been given and received.

Basking in the afterglow of such a nice event, things got quiet, wondering if Santa still had us on his list. While settling down waiting for Santa, again this sound from behind the tree lingered, only changed a bit to scratch, scritch, scratch, scritch, then suddenly stopped.

All of a sudden there was a loud crash, like a truck landing on the roof, accompanied by the sound like that of a hundred drum sticks beating on a drum. It was really Santa, his sleigh and reindeers led by Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The roof being tin, they could not get their feet set down making this drumming sound. However it did announce their arrival and restored the faith that Santa would get here.

It quieted down somewhat and suddenly Santa with his bag full of gifts came crashing down the chimney. After the soot and dust settled down, a second look made me ask this big man dressed like Santa, “Is that you ED?”. No I’m Santa, he snorted, with your gifts. At that he dumped his bag under the tree and began passing out the gifts. Much to everyone’s joy all received gifts that had been ask for. Observing this grand occasion was heart warming and pleasurable. Santa said “OOPS’, there is something behind the tree yet. Pulling it out from under the tree he said “WOW”., this looks like a big nest made from pencil shavings, yes pencil shaving.

Spreading it out revealed a bright white paper wrapped box with gold ribbons and a silver star. Picking the box up he examined it, handed the box to me and said “MERRY CHRISTMAS’. Writing on top of box said, Scratch, Scritch. With that the paper and ribbons were ripped off, opened the box and therein was a beautiful blue covered book with gold letters which read:



With this I wish Ed Ellis and the entire group of Englewood Authors and guests’



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reception at Seacoast National Bank-Tue. Dec 10-5:30

Date: 12/6/2013 4:35:49 PM
Subject: Reception at Seacoast National Bank-Tue. Dec 10-5:30

 Please reply to this email, or call Jan Schmitz at 863.491.4100 if you will be attending the Holiday Gathering at Seacoast National Bank on Tuesday evening, 5:30-7:30 p.m., December 10. Artists and authors may bring work to display and sell. We will have racks for hanging artwork. There will be a drawing for a gift card for art supplies, concert tickets, and more. Light refreshments will be served. Meet and greet your fellow arts lovers.
 Karen Smoke, Secretary
DeSoto Arts and Humanities Council
P O Box 2451
Arcadia, FL 34265
FINAL-DAHClogo - 15% original
Telephone contact: Jane Hilton, President (863) 494-0630