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Emotional Trigger Words

The list of trigger word is presented for the exclusive use of Englewood Authors members only. This material is copyrighted 2014 All Rights Reserved by Edwin R. Ellis. Do not duplicate in any format printed or electronic.
Addictive  Charismatic Disrespect Grief
Admiration Charity Dominated Guilt
Afraid Cold Doubt Happiness
Aggression Comfortable Drama Happy
Agitation Compassion Drama Hate
Agonized Competitive Eager Hatred
Alienation Conceited Elated Haughty
Alluring Confidence Elation Heartache
Amusement Confusion Embarrassment Heartbreak
Anger Contentment Empathy Hilarious
Angry Cooperation Energetic Honor
Anguish Critical Enthusiasm Hopeful
Annoyance Crying Envy Hostility
Anticipation Curiosity Euphoria Humble
Anxiety Decay Exasperation Humor
Anxious Defeated Exasperation Hunger
Apathy Defensive Excited Hurt
Appealing  Delight Excitement I’ve done it
Apprehension Denial Exciting I’ve won
Approval Depressed Exhaustion Identification
Arousing Depression Exhilaration Impassioned
Attraction Desire Failure Impatience
Attractive Despair Failure Indifference
Awe Desperation Fatigue Indignation
Beauty Despondent Fear Indignation
Bite my ass Differences Feeling Great Inferiority
Bitter Disappointed Fore longing Insecurity
Bitterness Disappointment Free Intensity
Boredom Disapproval Frustration Intimidation
Bulling Discomfort Glory Introspective
Buoyant Discovery Gratitude Irate
Cardinal  Disgust Grave Irritated
Caring Dishearten Great idea Irritation
Caution Dislike Greed Isolation
It worked Reassurance Sympathy
Jealousy Regretful Target
Job well done Rejection Tears
Joy Rejoice Tenderness
Kindness Relief Terrifying
Laughter Reluctance Terror
Laziness Remorse Thirst
Loathing Remorse Thrills
Loneliness Resentful Tormented
Longing Resigned Touching
Love Rotten Tranquil
Lust Sadness Treachery
Macho Sarcasm Trepidation
Madness Satisfaction Truth
Meek Separateness Turmoil
Mild Serenity Ugliness
Misery Shaking Uncertainty
Nervousness Shame Unconvinced
Optimism Shock Unease
Outrage Shy Unhappiness
Overwhelmed Smiling Unselfish
Pain-Emotional Smug Vanity
Pain-Physical Soiled Vengeance
Panic Somber Virtue
Passion Sorrow Wariness
Peace Sorry Warmth
Peeved Soulful Wondering
Pissed off Stubbornness Worry
Power Success Worthless
Powerless Sullen Wounded/Hurt
Pride Superior Wrath
Querulousness Superiority Xenophobia
Quixotic Surprise Yearning
Rage Suspense Zeal

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